LEO Capital is renowned investment company that operate in Content Marketing,
Publishing and Distribution, Media Planning and Selling, Food and Retail,
commodities and Property in Dubai & Pakistan.
We believe in both active and passive management and our process is driven by fundamental research.
This research informs our singular investment process which we apply across all
portfolios. Our disciplined and transparent approach has produced a growing and
diversified client base.


LEO Capital’s CEO Younes Saeed, 39 years, born and raised in Denmark,
He is regarded as one of the best coaches and respected business leaders in the Nordic region
within sales, management and customer experience. As a sales specialist, he helps sales organizations to achieve
peak performance quickly by optimizing talent, utilizing training to
grow a highly performing sales culture, developing management and coaching skills,
and applying more effective organizational design.

Younes Saeed is a sought-after speaker and spends more than 150 days each year to cross
between the Nordic region and the Middle East, delivering keynote speakers, workshops and training
programs to high-performance sales teams and executives. He also advises
many of the leading organizations in the Nordic region and their leaders
on the impact of emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills
on customer-oriented activities and provides training for thousands
of participants in both public and private forums. Younes Saeed has more than 20 years of experience
within the media industry and has for the past 5 years invested in several small to medium sized
businesses and with well documented success lead them all to great financial growth.

…And his business ventures has only just begun. Welcome to LEO Capital