turning innovative thinking
to brand new growth

Leo Capital engages in your company on all levels to help accelerate growth and revenue.
We provide firstly capital, experience, innovative thinking, insight, management
– what is needed for your idea or business to succeed. Our core corporate principles
and strategy secures the competitive edge needed to unfold your company’s full potential.

Leo Capital is continuously screening the marked for promising startups to growing companies,
with unfulfilled businesses potential and new technologies and industries.
What really excites us is the opportunity to help turn a great idea into a great business.
As partner you will find us extremely focused and goal oriented. We thrive on your success.

The satisfaction of creating measurable value for our investment partners and portfolio
companies is Leo Capitals core drive. Our innovative strategy and consistent investment
approach has given us the ability to invest in a diverse set of businesses in different geographic regions.
And the force and drive accumulates for every new and successful venture.